I am fascinated by the human body, particularly by the way in which simple gestures can symbolize so much more than what they are.

Through contemplation of the everyday life and perfectly normal people, I create sculptures that convey human emotions and feelings that transcend the context of their story or settings.


Urban elements that take the form of rocks, concrete, or steel accompany my bronze sculptures, creating a paradoxical statement. The rough and brutal texture of the rubble contrasts with the fragile nature of the bronzes resulting in a delicate harmony between my sculptures and surrounding elements. My bronze sculptures also evoke a state of suffering, healing, struggling, and comfort through their body lightness and peculiar details.  

Maestri like Rodin, Marino Marini, Alberto Giacometti, and Henry Moore all inspire my work.

While my creative process is deeply personal and a true expression of my beliefs, there is very little structure to the process by which I turn clay into a sculpture, I don’t think about making art - rather, when I create art, I am the best and most free version of myself. 

I cast my sculptures in bronze to give them a sense of permanence, and three-dimensionality. My work accomplishes its objective only when it truly touches the spirit of people that are viewing it.

© 2018 by Ilaria Arpino