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About Ilaria Arpino


I am fascinated by the human body, particularly by the way in which simple gestures can symbolize so much more than what they are.

Through contemplation of the everyday life and perfectly normal people, I create sculptures that convey human emotions and feelings that transcend the context of their story or settings.


Urban elements that take the form of rocks, concrete, or steel accompany my bronze sculptures, creating a paradoxical statement. The rough and brutal texture of the rubble contrasts with the fragile nature of the bronzes resulting in a delicate harmony between my sculptures and surrounding elements. My bronze sculptures also evoke a state of suffering, healing, struggling, and comfort through their body lightness and peculiar details.  

Maestri like Rodin, Marino Marini, Alberto Giacometti, and Henry Moore all inspire my work.

While my creative process is deeply personal and a true expression of my beliefs, there is very little structure to the process by which I turn clay into a sculpture, I don’t think about making art - rather, when I create art, I am the best and most free version of myself. 

I cast my sculptures in bronze to give them a sense of permanence, and three-dimensionality. My work accomplishes its objective only when it truly touches the spirit of people that are viewing it.



Ilaria Arpino is an Italian sculptor, painter and conceptual artist who was born and raised in the foothills of the Italian Alps. She studied fine art, illustration and advertising in Torino, Italy.

In her 20s, Ilaria moved to Philadelphia, USA establishing a career as an Art Director.


Her artwork and poster design were selected to promote former First Lady Mrs. Barbara Bush’s “Story Time” in collaboration with Time Warner Inc. A number of her paintings have been used in national advertising campaigns in Italy and the USA including her ink illustrations and design for the book “Standing in the shadow of Motown” depicting the life and music of Motown legend James Jamerson.


Ilaria’s passion for art fueled her love to travel and live abroad. Her breadth of international experiences enhanced her creativity and gained her a clearer sense of self. 

Stripped of her ordinary surroundings and people, Ilaria created new work that was featured in exhibitions across the USA, Italy, France, Thailand, Macao and China.


During Ilaria’s years in Asia she had the unique opportunity to collaborate with renowned Chinese calligrapher Carlos Choi Chun Heng in the art exhibit “East meets West.”

After living almost 12 years in South East Asia, Ilaria moved back to the USA; this time to Miami. In 2018, 2019 and 2021 Ilaria exhibited her work at Art Miami/ Art Basel.


Her new artistic approach was influenced by living in foreign countries, this is vividly apparent in her most recent works.

A series of figurative bronze sculptures emerges from a 10 yard-long-roll of white paper. The paper is stroked boldly with black ink in abstract calligraphy symbols that represent an ­­emblematic PATH OF LIFE. This installation was exhibited in Madrid during the summer of 2018 at Faim Art Fair.


In line with her international art path, in 2018 Ilaria won the prestigious Maradiva Art Residency in the Mauritius Island organized by Arte Laguna Venice, Italy and the Basu Foundation for the Arts based in Kolkata, India and created a public bronze sculpture that celebrates the 50th year of Independence of the Island.


Ilaria’s work was featured during the spring of 2020 and 2021 in the Oculus at the Westfield World Trade Center in New York City at the AD ART SHOW; a groundbreaking art exhibition, she has been represented for 3 consecutive years at ArtMiami/Art Basel Week by The Galleria Arte Martinelli. Her artistic creations reached the digital world and are present as NFTs in platforms such as OpenSea.


2022   AD Art Show, in the Oculus at The Westfield Trade Center, NYC, NY USA 

2022   ARTBOX.PROJECTS, Biennale Venezia 1.0, Italy

2022   Arte Genova, Italy 

2022   Singulart, French Curatorial Online Platform, Paris FRANCE

2022   GALLERY 88, Miami Beach FL USA

2022   Galleria Arte Martinelli, Lodi, Milan ITALY

2021   Art Miami, Art Basel Week, Miami FL USA

2021   Vizcayne pop-up Art Gallery, Art Basel Week, Miami FL USA 

2021   ArtExpo NYC, NY  ­­­USA

2021   Budapest Art Fair, Hungary

2021   NFT creation for the Sketcha collection on OpenSea promoted by Snoop Dogg 

2021   Art Impact International, Online Art Agency

2021   Artrepreneur, International Curatorial Online Platform, NYC NY 

2021   AD Art Show, in the Oculus at The Westfield Trade Center, NYC NY USA 

2021   Palm Beach Modern+Contempora­ry | Art Wynwood Special Online Edition on ARTSY

2021   Artsy Online, Art Platform

2021   Zatista, International online curated Art Gallery

2020   AD Art Show, Oculus at The Westfield Trade Center, NYC NY USA

2020   Covid-19 the Art of Isolation, Virtual Exhibition, MIA Curatorial 

2020   MANA CONTEMPORARY, Digital open house  |  Virtual Booth 6/25-6/28 

2020   Art Wynwood, Miami, FL USA

2020   GALLERY 88 Miami Beach, FL USA (group) current

2019   Art Miami, Art Basel Week, Miami FL USA

2019   Vizcayne pop-up Art Gallery, Miami FL USA (solo)

2019   ADC Fine Art Gallery, Cincinnati OH USA (group) 

2019   MAC Art Gallery, Jupiter FL USA (group)

2018   MAC Art Gallery, Fort Lauderdale FL USA (group) 

2018   Soul Abstractions revealed GALLERY 88, Miami Beach FL USA (group)

2018    Maradiva Art Gallery, Mauritius (current)

2018    SPECTRUM MIAMI, Art Basel Week Miami FL USA

2018    Urban Angels MARADIVA Art Gallery MAURITIUS Island (solo)

2018    Wynwood Juried Show Miami FL USA (group)

2018    Path of Life, Alma Sensai FAIM ART FAIR, Madrid SPAIN

2018    Wynwood Life and Art Festival Miami FL USA (group) 

2015    Nihao International Art Festival JFC Art Gallery, Xiamen CHINA 

2009    Taipa Art Gallery, Taipa MACAO (solo)

2008    East meets West Portuguese Cultural Center, MACAO (solo)

2007    Bangkok Cultural Center Bangkok, THAILAND (solo)

2005    Life out of context, Thomas Jefferson University Art Gallery, Philadelphia PA USA (solo)

2004    Les fammes, Raffaello Art gallery Nice, FRANCE (solo)

2003    Artisti per uno spazio, Sala Auditorium Borelli, Boves CN ITALY (group)

2003    Life out of Context, The Philadelphia Ethical Society Art Gallery, Philadelphia PA USA

2003    Life out of Context, The Art Alliance Gallery at the Rittenhouse Hotel, Philadelphia   PA USA (solo)

2001    Chorus of a woman, The Kelly Writer House Art Gallery, University of Penn, Philadelphia USA (solo)


2020  Sculpture Winner of Artrepreneur for “The Blues”
2019  Sculpture Finalist of Artrooms, London, GB
2019  Sculpture Finalist of ACA (Art comes Alive) Cincinnati, OH  USA
2018  Maradiva Art Residency Prize, Mauritius, organized by Arte Laguna, Venice Italy and basu Foundation for the Arts
2018  Wynwood Juried Art Show, Sculpture Miami, USA
2001  Philadelphia Art Director’s Club Design Philadelphia, USA


2020   Africa | sculpture | bronze | Private collection of Ms. Sarah Novascone, USA 
2020   Karpo (Winter) | sculpture | bronze | Private collection of Galleria Arte Martinelli, Milan, Italy
2019   Lady Isabelle | sculpture | bronze | Private collection of Mr. Daniel G. Kuy, Cincinnati  OH USA
2019  The Anarchist | sculpture | bronze | Private collection of Ms. Brenda Freeman Miami FL USA
2019  The Introvert | sculpture | bronze | Private collection of Mr. Jon Beason, Miami FL USA
2019  Reflection, sculpture | bronze| Private collection of Mr. Alan K. Mills, Indianapolis IN USA
2019  Woman no cry | sculpture | bronze| Private collection of Mr. Franklin Sirmans, Miami FL USA
2018  Waiting for Luca, | sculpture | bronze| Private collection of Ms. Nancy Thaler, New York City NY USA
2018  Freedom | sculpture | mixed media | Private collection of The Maradiva Art Gallery,    Mauritius
2018  Wing of Freedom | sculpture | bronze| Private collection of The Maradiva Art Gallery, Mauritius 
2018  The Wave | sculpture | mixed media | Private collection of The Basu Foundation for  The Arts, Kolkata, India 
2018  Tropical leaf | sculpture | mixed media | Private collection of Mr. Ramdanee CEO of  Maradiva Resort, Mauritius
2009  The Jump | Painting | Acrylic | Private collection of Mrs. Sarah Sheldon, Melborne  Australia
2008  Healing |  Painting | Acrylic | Private collection of Ms. Marina Donia, Dubai UAE
2008  The lightness | Painting | Acrylic | Private collection of Ms.Tina Russel, Hong Kong


• Artist supported by The Basu Foundation for The Arts, Kolkata, India
• Ambassador for The Basu Foundation for The Arts in Miami, USA

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