Body & soul

The Dreamer 2020

18”W x 10”H x 8”D | 47cmW x 26cmH x 20cmD

The Body&Soul new work is of a series of sculptures that reflects part of the time spent in quarantine.

Losing interest in the “outer” world and its activities and spending a lot of time alone inside, I began to meditate more, I reached an inner and authentic sense of myself. I found my new expression in these sculptures.

The new series Body&Soul depicts female minimalistic figures made in 2 separate parts: the body and the soul that interlock together like a puzzle and create a complete harmonious unity.

The soul gives life to the body and the body is the expression of the soul, like in our life, both cannot survive without each other.

© 2020 by Ilaria Arpino. All rights reserved.