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Urban Angels



Bronze, Blue, Black And Green Patinas | Glass Drop | Black Marble Granite Pedestal

96”H x 13”W x 11”D | 250cmH x 33cmW x 28cmD

Living in Mainland China offered me an opportunity to learn about the Chinese culture. This sculpture is inspired by the ancient female spirit Ameonna (The Rain Woman) depicted as a woman standing in the rain and licking her hand. She is described as a goddess from China's Mount Wushan, who is a cloud in the morning and rain in the evening. She may be considered a rain-bringer for crops. This large-scale (8’ tall) bronze sculpture represents a female figure holding and offering with both hands a giant glass raindrop. The raindrop signifies life, fertility and change, it is a gift and the gesture of giving shines a light on the gentle female nature of sharing.

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