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Oil, Acrylic on Canvas

54"W x 48"H | 137cm x 122cm

These pulsating lines represent the heartbeat of the sounds coming through my window during an early morning in China.

I visualized with black lines the rhythm of the high pitch voices of children screaming and laughing, the soft voice of elderly humming, the intense squeaking of clacsons and the sound of the breaks of buses stopping suddenly..

All together it is an harmonious composition of intersections of lines that represent the heartbeat of an early morning.

Queste line nere pulsanti traducono visualmente I suoni che udivo dalla finestra del mio appartmanto quando vivevo in Cina. Rappresentano (ono l’intensita’ della vita giornaliera che ricomincia e come un) I suoni di bambini che ridono, piangono, mamme che parlano sottovoce, I clacson delle macchine , gli sbuffi delle frenate autobus.

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