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The Emptiness of Us in Our Cities

Lately my mind wanders back to Italy, where I was born. What that beautiful country is going through is horrific, and it is coming to all of us on some scale or another. Whether you are from a city in USA or a foreign one, this is impacting all of us creating a worldwide common experience.

The pandemic we are experiencing is unlike anything most of us have seen in our lifetimes. We see the world shrinking as we watch the spread of the Covid-19. We begin to feel the isolation and limitations on freedoms we’ve always known.

As an artist I feel motivated to send a message of empathy, gratefulness, love and hope. I lately found purpose of my art through my project entitled ”The emptiness of us in our cities“. I’ve created a series of art installations that reflect on how the city of Miami and its communities is making fundamental changes to existing ways of working and living together. The emptiness of our streets, parks, beaches, sidewalks, squares and highways is the testimonial of these fundamental lifestyle changes. In order to overcome it, I created a series of surreal installations of my sculptures and paintings that have the intention of filling the emptiness and give a new life to our city.

I propose them virtually placed out of their usual context, in streets, parks, beaches throughout Miami and its surroundings. I hope that these surreal images will help fight off our anxiety, solitude and the eerie feeling of emptiness in Miami caused by the pandemic and deliver finally some unexpected joy.

Art heals,




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